Mentoring Young Women of Color

Mentoring Young Women of Color

on Visibility

9:00 PM EST

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

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Join Dr. Culbreth on Visibility for a focus on mentoring young women of color over the age of 18. Often, society tends to focus on girls and teens of color in mentoring programs and young women are often left out. The reality of the unique needs, complex challenges, and issues along with the reality of the psychological, emotional, physical and social well-being issues affecting young women of color living in inner cities must be addressed. In addition, a focus is needed on personal enrichment, academic success, career exploration and the pursuit of extracurricular interests for young women of color over the age of 18. 

The PACE Mentoring Program provides group mentoring, one-to-one mentoring and e-mentoring to teens and young women of color because we are our sisters’ keepers. 

The question to think about is: How can mentoring advance and empower young women of color over the age of 18 from underserved communities?